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Willing Wisdom Checklist

Protect your financial legacy by creating a powerful estate plan

…even if you’ve put off writing your will or haven’t updated it in years

You have been meaning to write or update your will. But it's not Top 10 on your list of Things To Do.

You want to ensure you have something in writing for your house, investments and other assets.

But finding time to organize your financial affairs can be really difficult.

And it isn't the easiest thing to think about. Not to mention finding time to see a lawyer

...only to be sent home with a long list of MORE things you need to do.

Having a clear, well-communicated estate plan is key.

Especially when it comes to things like:

  • naming a executor
  • knowing if assets are going to beneficiaries or to a charity
  • the difference between a living will and a final will
  • having a power of attorney

And it can be difficult to start talking with family members about end-of-life matters. You don't want any fights.

Or anxious opinions.

It's easier to think, "Maybe I'll just keep things to myself. They can find out when I'm gone. And be surprised when the will is read out loud."

But you've read about families who do that--

they've fallen apart when this approach is taken. Feuding, tears and arguments that sound like they're fighting over who gets the front seat.

And you definitely don't want THAT to happen to your family.

It's a problem we see over and over again when it comes to estate planning.

Which is why we help our clients get their financial affairs in order BEFORE they see a lawyer.

And we do it in a way that opens up conversations. And creates family connection.

Because finalizing an estate plan is about leaving a legacy...not about who gets your stuff.

Estate Planning is as easy as 1–2–3.

A FREE estate analysis is just a few clicks away.

A powerful step-by-step guide to give you a COMPLETE overview of your estate plan.

And it happens fast.

In less than 10 minutes, you can discover EXACTLY what steps are needed to round out your estate plan.

Everything from the executor choice to living will decisions.

It's my gift to you as your wealth advisor. Free to take. Easy to complete.


You’ve worked hard for what you have.

Let’s make sure your legacy goes where you want it to.

You've already heard the horror stories of the government swallowing estates whole with taxes.

Or siblings locked in a bitter battle about who gets the family silverware, cottage or heirlooms.

Creating a straightforward financial estate plan ensures that the legacy you've worked hard to build is distributed the way YOU want.

In less than 60 "YES" or "NO" questions, you can find out EXACTLY how up-to-date your estate plan is.

Going through the Willing Wisdom Checklist is simple and fast.

And once you're done, you'll get:

A Scrore out of 100

Quickly discover how prepared your estate plan is.

An Action Plan

A thorough list of next steps you can take starting today.

A Report Card

A complete report of your estate plans strengths and weaknesses

Share a copy with your spouse. With your family. With your financial advisor. And get clarity on your legacy today.

Don’t let an urgent situation make decisions for you.


With 51% of Canadians without a legal will, and 31% of Canadians with an outdated will - it's essential to put your financial affairs in order.

This isn't a simple task. That's why I'm here to help.

When you finish the Willing Wisdom checklist, you have the option to send me a copy of your report.

I'll see the same recommendations you do. And if you prefer to keep your report private, we can go over the task list that comes with the report on our next call or visit.

Don't wait for an unexpected life event to force your hand. Start the process of arranging a solid estate plan today.

Together we can create or update your estate plan so that it best reflects the legacy you want to leave behind.

You can start now. The choice is yours.